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Marimekko Tea Ceremony-Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum/SHINICHI NUMAJIRI

Section will be in charge of the upcoming Marimekko Tea Ceremony.

Studying the Marimekko Exhibit and the Marimekko Spirit Exhibit, the organizers were reminded why Marimekko is loved all around the world.

We have chosen the following 3 themes for this Tea Ceremony.

"Release" from the Marimekko Spirit of founder Armi Ratia

The source of Marimekko's design concepts in nature, and "blurring" and "materials" from Finland's nature

In the early 1950's, there was a movement in Finland to release women from their traditional role as housewives. Marimekko was founded in tandem with this movement.

Its business was executed in the hope of promoting gender equality and helping women balance work with their personal lives.

The company still has 90% female employees today, and practices work-life balance.

The spirit of Marimekko founder Armi Ratia and her incorporation of design as a way to enrich daily life is still treasured today.

One important element in the success of Marimekko's designs is that they are multifaceted and present beauty in contradictory ways.

This is embodied in the harmony of colors and patterns, or a captivating union like the rhythm of jazz.

So what kind of place is Finland to produce designs like Marimekko's?

Finland is a country with 188,000 lakes, and over 70% of its territory is surrounded by beautiful forests.

The reason it produces so many legends like Moomin and Santa Claus must lie in the breathtakingly beautiful phenomena produced by this magnificent natural scenery.

Although the scale differs, I think this resonates with the sensibilities of Japanese people, who have long been close to nature and waxed poetic about its many beauties.

The Tea Ceremony has always incorporated the changes in the seasons and been conducted with all five senses.

I thought of one of the themes for this ceremony, "cultures coming together," not because I wanted to simply line up Marimekko items at the Tea Ceremony, but because I wanted to use traditional Japanese art to creatively express the modern Japanese sensibility that has been cultivated by Japan's beautiful nature and confront Marimekko with it.

Even if something seems a little out of place, I think that's exactly where a chemical reaction can happen and hide the seeds of new expressions and new cultures waiting to bloom.

Please come share this experience.


Marimekko Tea Ceremony in Kasama

/concept/ section

1. Release

Release from the earth, suspension

2. Blur

Exchange between cultures

3. Materials

Cloth, water, paper, stone, porcelain, glass

We will keep you up to date on our Tea Ceremony sessions using these three concepts on this blog


● Marimekko Tea Ceremony applications

Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum

Dates and times: May 3 (holiday) and 4 (holiday), 2018



Venue: Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum

Basement, Open Gallery

Marimekko Tea Ceremony "Mari-an"

Capacity: First 10 people for each session

(In order of arrival. Advance registration possible.)

Participation fee: ¥500

The Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum is accepting reservations by phone or fax.

Phone: 0296-70-0011

Fax: 0296-70-0012

* A collection of Section publications describing all previous Tea Ceremonies will be available at the shop for ¥500 plus tax on the day of the ceremony